Exericse: WOBG - Smart grid for Wolfsburg


From July 08 to July 10, 2022, a hackathon on the topic of Smart City took place in Wolfsburg, Germany during their DigiWeek.

During the event, we supported a team that developed a concept for a Smart Grid. In the Smart Grid called WOBG, the entire parking areas of Volkswagen will be covered and then equipped with photovoltaic panels. E-charging stations will be placed directly next to the parking spaces. E-charging stations and panels are connected to the same sub-distributors. Thus, on the one hand, the vehicles can be charged directly by solar energy. On the other hand, they can also act as a giant battery themselves. For example, load peaks in the power grid can be absorbed or car batteries that have not yet been charged can be charged proportionally. In particular, the delivery of battery power to the grid was considered. Car owners are remunerated if their vehicle delivers power to the smart grid as a battery.

This task involves developing a database model for the smart grid to manage PV panels and charging stations and to track charging and discharging cycles of car batteries in a centralized way. To do this, take a look at how solar power systems are set up.