Exericse: Newsletter Spy


Newsletter Spy is a database of more than 100.000 newsletters.

Each newsletter has a title, a description, an author's name with his email address and a URL. A newsletter is written in a specific language and belongs to a category and an industry. Main information Main information 2

Newsletter Spy does als collect meta information per newsletter:

  • the type of Email Service Provider (ESP) like Ghost, ConvertKit or MailerLite which is used
  • The fame ranking between "High", "Medium" and "Low"
  • The buzz ranking between "High", "Medium" and "Low" Categories

Each newsletter has number of issues. An issue can be either of type newsletter, podcast or thread. A newsletter issue has a date and an optional title. For issues of type podcast there can be also a duration with the length of the podcast.


Other meta data like Number of comments, Number of reactions and Paid ratio are not part of this exercise.