Exericse: Firmware management for LEDs


Based upon a user request we want to design a database for firmware management of LED controller boards. The company of the user is specialized in the LED niche. In there, they are selling LED products. Most of the products are combined with a microcontroller which controls the LED sequences, colors and so on. Each of those products has a unique serial number. The serial number is persisted into the microcontroller and can not be changed. Each microcontroller has a Bluetooth chip. A registered smartphone can now update the firmware of the LED controller with help of a native smartphone application.

The goal of the company is to manage new firmware versions of their products. Customers have to download and install the smartphone app first. With the initial run of the applicaiton, the customer has to register in the company's portal with his email address. After that, he is able to connect the smartphone to the LED via Bluetooth. During that process, the LED's serial number is sent to the company's portal. If the LED has not been already registered to that customer's account, it will be registered now. In the app, the customer can now select any registered LED controller. For a registered LED controller, all firmware releases can be shown and installed.

The installation process itself is not relevant for the dabatase model.