Exericse: Feedback application


In today's exercise we want to model an internal web application for a company. Management and supervisors want to do employee interviews twice a year. Before each interview, each employee is assessed by himself and his supervisor independently. There are around 20 statements in which employees have to be assesed. Each statement belongs to one of -currently- five topics. For example the topic "Way of working" contains the statements

  • You are working independently.
  • You are working structured.

Each of these twenty statements can be valued by choosing a numerical value between 1 (does not apply) and 5 (applies fully) and allows a comment.

The company uses Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Additional questions

  • How could users be authenticated?
  • Where could the web application be deployed?
  • What database management system would you use and why?
  • How could be the numerical value range for an assessment be forced?
  • What would happen if an employee is valued by two supervisors?