Exericse: Employee profile management for skill and project tracking


Maintaining one's own employee profile is omnipresent for many employees. It documents previous project experience as well as the technologies and skills used. The profile is particularly important in the consulting industry: For the acquisition of new orders, proof of the skills of individual people can be provided. Evidence is provided by z. B. the employee profiles can be anonymized and exported as PDF files.

The following fictitious project is about designing an administration for employee profiles. This is similar to the existing portals such as Xing and LinkedIn.

Customers of a consulting company initiate projects. Especially in large companies or corporations, the project is not assigned directly to the company, but to one or more departments of the company.

An employee can be assigned to one or more projects. Each project assignment is associated with a role (e.g. "Junior Consultant" or "Software Architect"), a period and the skills required for this role. All roles and skills should be managed centrally and selected when they are assigned. A project assignment can be done for a dedicated department within the customer's company.

To ensure customer protection when exporting, it should be possible to configure for each company whether the company name is displayed. If this option is deactivated, however, the company's branch should be used.